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Internal Finishes

All HeatForm pools are designed to be installed with a swimming pool liner. The pool liner not only holds in the water it provides the pool finish, which is your chance to stamp something of your own personality onto the project.

As well as classic plain coloured liners with or without patterned tile band designs, recent advances in liner technology have brought exciting textured liner finishes like Alkor Plan Touch and Ceramics to the market.

The standard HF SPORT pools come with a pre-tailored ‘bag’ liner, however you can opt to have an on-site liner fitted by your installers or the UK’s number 1 liner supplier, Aquaflex. These are a more durable and premium product.

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Why Aquaflex?

Aquaflex – UK’s leading Liner Specialists

Aquaflex Ltd has been supplying the Swimming Pool Trade Industry for many years now and when it comes to liners, they can produce the most complex designs. Give your local pool company a call now and ask for an HeatForm Pool with an Aquaflex liner to make your pool the best!
Aquaflex is known for associating itself only with the highest quality names and products to bring you the best results possible in performance and after sales service.

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