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Swim Jets

The HF Swim Jet is a discrete, powerful stream jet which promotes a natural swimming experience.

By utilising a stream jet, rather than the jet systems found in swim spas, the water flow mimics a river current which assists in all levels of swimming and stroke technique. It has can be set at variable speeds.

The HF Swim Jet is laminar flow generated by an immersed turbine. Unlike solutions with small jets or pumps, the HF Swim
Jet’s marine propellor speeds up the flow of water to a speed of 3.4m/s (12 km/h). As this flow passes through the unique
HF jet panel it is smoothed out producing a constant flow of up to 250 m3/hr, this equates to a maximum swimming pace of

Due to the DC powered motor, the HF Swim Jet is a fully variable system with speeds from 10% up to 100% which can be preprogrammed
to give 3 stage settings for ease of use.
The HF Swim Jet is powered by a low 6 amp electrical supply. This opens up the opportunity to have an elite level swimming
experience in any location. The inverter motor runs at a very low noise level making the whole swimming experience enjoyable
and natural.

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Why the HF SwimJet

  • Endless Pools Fastlane – For the Professional swimmer or Triathlete.
  • Binder Hydrostar – Adjustable and powerful, again for the professional.
  • HF Swimjet – up to 300m3/hr perfect for competent training
  • Badu and Fluvo jets systems – For casual swimming and general exercise.

All Heatform pools can be adapted to take any of the above jets

HF Sport with HF Swimjet Exercise PoolHeatform Hydrostar Exercise PoolHeatform Endless Pools Exercise PoolHeatform Fluvo Exercise PoolHeatform Badujet Exercise Pool

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