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HeatForm’s exercise pools, can be installed with your choice of market-leading integrated counter currents such as the HeatForm SwimJet, the Endless Pools FastLane, Hydrostar, Fluvo and Badu Jet, which are all designed to optimise all levels of training and physical therapy, whether intense triathlon training or gentle rehabilitation to help ease aches and pains.

By being able to choose which swim jet you have installed, Heatform is the only exercise pool not restricted to one type of system, like you find with a swim spa or an Endless Pool. In fact you can install a Heatform exercise pool with an Endless Pool Fastlane system thus giving you an insulated, UK manufactured basin with infinite options on size, accompanied with the performance of the Endless Pools Fatslane jet.

All HeatForm exercise pools come with a counter current fitted discretely into the unique HeatForm swimjet end panel*. A bespoke end panel has been designed for each of the jets available giving you a neat and stylish finish to your pool.

HeatForm’s exercise pool kits are available in two sizes (2.5m x 5m and 6m x 3m) with a wall height of 1.2m. They are suitable for use both in-ground or above-ground, indoor or outdoors. Although due to it’s flexibility you can have a Heatform Exercise pool of any length and width.

The HeatForm exercise pool kit system includes Zodiac high quality filtration equipment with an under-water LED light, a 6kW electric heater, a bag liner supplied ready to fit from Aquaflex and a stainless steel over-the- wall entry ladder.

All HeatForm exercise pools come with a counter current fitted discretely into the unique HeatForm swimjet end panel*.

Bespoke optional extras include eco-friendly external cladding kits to ensure the pool reflects your persona taste and fits with the surrounding environment. You could also include a Rollo Solar slatted cover system to help reduce heating costs even further.

*The HeatForm jet panel can be adapted to suit most other leading brands of swim jets.

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Which Jet to choose?

  • Endless Pools Fastlane – For the Professional swimmer or Triathlete.
  • Binder Hydrostar – Adjustable and powerful, again for the professional.
  • HF Swimjet – up to 300m3/hr perfect for competent training
  • Badu and Fluvo jets systems – For casual swimming and general exercise.

All Heatform pools can be adapted to take any of the above jets

HF Sport with HF Swimjet Exercise PoolHeatform Hydrostar Exercise PoolHeatform Endless Pools Exercise PoolHeatform Fluvo Exercise PoolHeatform Badujet Exercise Pool

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