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HF SPORT Exercise Pools

Heatform Exercise Pools

HF Sport Exercise Pools, with our very own integrated HF Swim Jet, are designed to optimise all levels of workout and physical therapy from intense triathlon training through to gentle rehabilitation to help ease aches and pains.

Swimming against a smooth counter-current, you effectively swim on the spot and never reach the end of the pool. They are a perfect choice for people who perhaps do not have the space or budget for a full size pool but want to invest in all the physical and mental benefits that swimming has to offer. The HF Sport is available in two standard sizes – 5m x 2.5m and 6m x 3m, with depth options of 1.5m wall (1.35m water) or 1.2m wall (1.05m water) and can be installed in ground or above ground. Above ground pools have an adjustable steel support system which allows the panels to be fixed to a concrete floor, providing a fully self-supported pool which can be situated either indoors or outdoors.Talk to your pool professional about how a HF Sport could look in your own home.

Why is a HF Sport exercise pool the CLEVER choice?


Heat Form exercise pools are available in two ready-to-assemble kits; the HF SPORT 5000 (2.5m x 5m), or the HF SPORT 6000 (6m x 3m). Both are available in a wall depth of either 1.2m or 1.5m.


Bring all the benefits of the gym to your doorstep with your own personal aquatic workout facility.


HF Sport pools are designed with the same award winning, recycled insulation featured in our standard pools.


They are suitable for both in-ground or above-ground installation, indoors or outdoors.


The electricity consumption of a HF Swim Jet is considerably less than other leading products on the market.


The composite build technology used in the pool walls is tough and guaranteed to last.

There is a discrete recess for the jet system to sit in so that it does not encroach on the main swimming area that is unique to Heat Form.
The unobtrusive recess and cover screen come as standard with the HF Swim Jet.
*The HeatForm jet panel can be adapted to suit most other leading brands of swim jets.

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How does a HeatForm exercise pool work?

With two different pool size options (2.5m x 5m and 6m x 3m), the HeatForm exercise pool system includes quality heating and filtration options to suit your installation, location and budget.

The main wall structure of the kit is suitable for inground and above-ground installations. The eco-friendly insulation in the panels reduces the amount of energy used to keep the pool heated, whilst strengthening the wall structure to give a high quality finish to the pool.

The adjustable steel support system allows the panels to be fixed to a concrete floor to provide a fully self-supporting above-ground installation.

Each HeatForm exercise pool comes with a choice of a counter current built into it’s own bespoke support panel. Finished off with a sleek stainless steel grill, the swim jet sits neatly in the pool wall providing the highest performance without compromising on pool space.

The HeatForm exercise pool kit includes a high quality Zodiac filtration system to efficiently clean and circulate the pool water using the CS cartridge filter and FloPro filtration pump.

Heat the pool to the perfect temperature for exercise or hydrotherapy* using a 6kW Redline electric heater. The RGBW LED light adds mood to your swim or relaxation session and a stainless steel over-the-wall ladder finishes the kit off with design elegance.

Optional cladding is available for above-ground pools. This hard wearing outer shell made with eco-friendly insulation completes the look of the above-ground pool, enhancing any garden design. Available in four colours – Cotswold green, Cotswold cream, Silver grey and Anthracite to ensure the pool reflects your personal taste and fits in with the surrounding environment.

*Aquaflex bag pool liner is suitable for temperatures up to 32oC. If you require higher temperatures then please ask for more details.

What's Included in a HF Sport


– A set of Heat Form insulated panels to suit the pool size
– Panel Installation Kit
– HF Swim Jet with remote control (This can be removed if you opt
for a different swim jet such as the Endless Fastlane)
– Pool wall fittings; Skimmer, Low Suction, Return inlets and a light fitting
– Pipe work kit to suit the pool size
– Pump and Filter, with sand
– Plain coloured Aquaflex pool liner
– 400 micron solar pool cover (This can be upgraded to a safety cover or a slatted cover)
– Liner lock
– Zodiac LED colour light with transformer
– Zodiac electric heater or heat exchanger (Possibility to upgrade
to a Zodiac heat pump)
– Internal pool ladder


– Heat Form bespoke, adjustable, metal support system.
– Heat Form composite coping system, in anthracite grey or silver grey.

2021 Retail Prices

In-Ground Kits

HF Sport 5000 – 5m x 2.5m – £14,760 inc vat

HF Sport 6000 – 6m x 3m – £15,960 inc vat

HF Swim Jet – includes recess and front screen – £10,164 inc vat

Free-Standing Kits

HF Sport 5000 – 5m x 2.5m – £23,454 inc vat

HF Sport 6000 – 6m x 3m – £26,287 inc vat

HF Swim Jet – includes recess and front screen – £10,164 inc vat

HF Sport with HF Swimjet Exercise Pool

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